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I originally started this blog to promote my novel, Post Rock Limestone Caryatids. Now I write essays and poetry about everything, including the Flint Hills, healing, parenting, etc. WARNING: emotional content, sometimes intense. Read at own risk of feeling.

Fair Warning

It’s a good time of year to tell everyone: I brake for butterflies. I slow down for wildflowers, and I skid to a stop for a turtle in the road.

Unknown butterfly

Entomology Joke

Where do Diptera go to read?

Think about it. I’ll tell you tomorrow, if anyone wants to know.

First Veronica Persicas of 2013

One must be willing to look very closely to see the brilliant, tiny Veronica.

One must be willing to look very closely to see the brilliant, tiny Veronica.

Veronica persica blooms today.

For more on my favorite wildflower, see the post I wrote last year.

One mile mark

If every view my blog has had were a foot, as of this very moment, my blog would have traveled a mile.

That’s all I have right now. Veronica might write about juncos later, if she gets time. (What is keeping her so busy this time of year? Hm. Maybe pruning trees?)

Kevin’s been prodding me to use images more, so here’s a random photo of a road in Wyoming.

Photo by Jakob Faarvang, who, interestingly, lives in Denmark. What side of the road do they drive on in Denmark? Do you suppose he was aware of standing in the oncoming lane when he shot the photo?

Why is this my job?

Okay, I get that control is an illusion. I get it. What I want to know is why some people get to live whole lives comfortably in that illusion while every freakin minute for me is a testament to the raw reality that every day is a train wreck, and you’re lucky, really, truly, inestimably lucky, if you live through it, and wake up breathing the next day? Why is this my job?

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