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I originally started this blog to promote my novel, Post Rock Limestone Caryatids. Now I write essays and poetry about everything, including the Flint Hills, healing, parenting, etc. WARNING: emotional content, sometimes intense. Read at own risk of feeling.

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Western Sky At Dawn

I was getting the kids ready for school, so I opened the door and poked my head out to check the weather. I was greeted by the most stunning sky I’d seen in –well, we get a lot of stunning skies here, so I guess it’s been nearly a week since we saw that moon halo. Nonetheless, to see such beauty in the western horizon at dawn is a delight that knocks on the door of the still-sleepy heart.

Sky photography is not my gift, and for years I wouldn’t even try; but the magic camera from the future goads me to attempt the impossible. Occasionally I get a little bit lucky.


Eyes and Heart Open

Sometimes I see amazing things passing on the highway that rolls by my front windows, and I wish I could show you. Yesterday it was a truck pulling some kind of tank as big as a house. The tank was cylindrical and probably about 20 ft in diameter, and too long to be carried on a standard trailer. Other times I might see one propeller of a wind turbine, riding on its own personal trailer; or the nose cone of a jet. But they always pass before I can get a picture.

I have mixed feelings about the level of industrialization of the world we live in; but whatever I think or feel, I am always in awe and gratitude for the immense privilege it is to be alive and aware in this place, in this time. Even the biggest things of humans are tiny specks compared to the vastness of our solar system, our galaxy, the nebulae so dense with gases that they implode and spit out freshly-born stars. We are just the right size to see and appreciate what we can see, from a gnat to a skyscraper, and it is a privilege that is too often squandered by going through one’s days half asleep, or so self-absorbed as not to notice what is happening all around one. Wherever you are, look for amazing, weird, unusual things or happenings in your world. They may be human-made, or natural, living or ancient or ephemeral. They usually pass quickly, so keep your eyes and heart open, and come back here and tell me what you saw.

Here are some things I saw in 2013. Some you’ve seen before, some I’ve never shared. Happy New Year.

For A Moment, I Almost Mistook It For Something Real

What’s that you say, Voice In My Head,
between taking the kids to school
then the guinea pig to the vet
and the car to the shop
and prepping for a Brownie meeting
picking the kids up from school
and taking them to the Brownie meeting,
I don’t have time to stop
at that pond where the sun is coming up
over the water and mist is rising
to dance in the gauzy light,
because if I can’t possibly do everything,
I can’t possibly do one more thing as well,
not even gaze for a briefest moment at
shifting light and vapor. It passes
faster than the click of the camera in my hand.
Voice In My Head: go to hell.
I’ve already been, I’m not going back.
But don’t worry, I’ll wait for you
right here.

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