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NaPo Day 28, 6 of Keys, Increscent Moon

See the NaPo/GloPo page for more info on the challenge.
The prompt is a card from the Akashic Tarot.

6 of Keys, Increscent Moon

It’s alchemical, isn’t it,
to chisel life from stone,
to bring light from heat and fuel.
One must master the tools
and the elements, must
work and study in diligence
at the right time and ride the cycles
of water and moon, of the comings
and goings. Feel the power growing
as She waxes. It is yours now.
Through the breaking away is revealed
the masterpiece.

wildy on Kevin's dresser

NaPo Day 22, King of Roses

King of Roses, reversed

The King of Roses brings (naturally)
roses, and he carries no weapon
but wears mail because he is, after all,
a man of power and authority.
Healer, lover, warrior, in this
lush garden fecund with blooms
and verging on wild, where ivy climbs
the elegant arches and his chair
sits empty behind him, standing
because he will leave, when so called.

NaPo Day 21 Archangel Michael

Link for more about National Poetry Writing Month.
The prompt is Major Arcana Card 9 of the Akashic Tarot deck. I don’t know if this card resembles in any way common ideas about Michael. For what that’s worth. Also, there’s a lot more to be said about this card, this felt like a good stopping place, and I want to go to bed.

9, Archangel Michael, reversed

Michael of the forest, protector of children,
whose fierce passion will surprise you
if all you know of him is his kind, unlined face
and those luscious locks . . .

wide etheric wings to wrap around you
and hold you safe until you’re big enough
to survive on your own.

Heart like flames rising up
because love is hot.

Oh Michael, do not let the child in me fall.
Catch me. Hold me. Carry me safely home.

NaPo Day 20, 7 of Roses, The Journey

I won’t reach my goal of writing a poem every day this month, but here’s more about NaPo/GloPoWriMo. I’m using the Akashic Tarot¬†for prompts.

7 of Roses, The Journey

It is time to leave the known
and civilized city, the massive
structures with polished stone columns,
and the gentle waters of a safe harbor.
Sailing into the sunset means
something has been completed
but it’s equally a new beginning.
It’s okay if you don’t know
where you’re going. No one
ever does, really. Try not to think
about all the years of your life spent
a thousand miles from any ocean, think
about the power of wind and current.
Instead of thinking about how you could
walk a thousand miles through prairie,
desert, and mountains if you had good boots,
a knife, and a sleeping bag, rather
feel yourself being cradled in a stout vessel
by the loving ocean. It is the nature
of the body to float in water.
Embrace the journey.
Others will take care of the baggage,
and only time will tell
if you have brought too much.

selfie with wildy

NaPo Day 19, Card 20, Wisdom, Will, and Mind

Got overwhelmed a bit, dropped NapWriMo for a while, but I’m back now. The prompt is a Major Arcana card in the Akashic Tarot.

20: Wisdom, Will, and Mind

Fire rises. Water falls.
Light, too, has its laws which must
be followed, in bending, splitting,
moving through space.
The perfect symmetry
of the Celtic knot binds these forces
under the crown (corona)
and we think they’re static,
when we see them at all,
while they shift in and out through
dimensions and space
easier than navigating a parking garage.
Will we ever go back to church?
Will we return to those days
when I drove the car, when I imagined
being on a path ever closer to
mastery? I knew even then that
it was illusion. Drive enough and
eventually you crash. Just
remember, underneath it all
is the triskele, trio of armored
dexter legs: “Whichever way
you throw me, I will stand.”

Photo Aug 21, 8 05 38 AM

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NaPo Day 7: 6 of Forces, The Waterfall, reversed

6 of Forces, The Waterfall, reversed

On the day John Prine died
I thought, to believe in this livin’
is a hard way to go, and everything
is upside down and the power
is in the wrong place and going
the wrong way and some days
i can feel it in me, stretching
out and up like branches of a tree
but then they collapse and fall
and when the men come to prune
they’re all found to be hollow.
Even to touch another person
with love is forbidden and
I gave away so much to get here,
like Ishtar arriving at the throne
of her sister, Ereshkigal,
Queen of the underworld,

NaPo Day 6: 2 of Forces, The Willow

Each prompt is a card from the Akashic Tarot, published by Hay House. See poetry from other participants at

2 of Forces, The Willow

There’s a tree green with light
and an aqua stream rushing by
but who lives in that castle on the hill?
What little girl looks out her high window
to greet the one tree, one stripe of color
through the rust-gold valley?
What enemy threatens this unpeopled
expanse? What do they do in there
all day? Spin and weave, one supposes,
cook and clean, as they don’t have
good shopping in proximity,
while the men hunt for rabbits and deer.
Is that a life? It’s what you get
in the reach of the Willow, whose roots
always know where to find water
and leaves dance in sunlight, whose
supple branches giggle in the wind.
Don’t fear such peace. There’s power
in it, and (like my mom used to say)
interesting people never get bored.

wildy on white

NaPo Day 5, 1 of Keys, The Architect

Each day’s prompt is a card from the Akashic Tarot deck. Click here for more about NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo.

1 of Keys: The Architect, reversed

The black man standing tall in his power.
He’s the boss here, the Architect, proud
to show his work to the woman beside him.
In front of them a table spread with
the unscrolled plans and a golden cat.
Around them, workers labor, digging
the foundations, building brick walls high,
while monumental statues await placement.
This is the intersection, the union
of vision and manifestation, of the active
and the receptive, the elevation of earth
to touch the sky. It’s time to step into your power.

Flip it, and they no longer have the earth
beneath their feet. Without stability there
could be total collapse. Things fall through.
Where is he pointing? Likely, somewhere
off in the past. Check your foundations.

demure willow

NaPo Day 3, 8 of Forces, the Lightning Bolt

If you want to see what other poets are doing this month, check out the NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo site.
I’m taking a prompt each day from a card from the Akashic Tarot deck, my current favorite deck, designed by twins Sandra Anne Taylor and Sharon Anne Klingler.

8 of Forces, The Lightning Bolt, reversed

When the earth is very dry
is when the storm comes
and all that the earth is opens
to receive that beloved sustaining
water, reliever of thirst,
sister of joy and mother of love
and the earth will live another day
so comes the lightning:
Illuminator and Destroyer
that sizzles the nerves which
are branched like a tree spreading
out from the brain root, branched
like a lightning bolt from the sky.
If you survive this, you will never
be the same. Sometimes all the love
in the world, this force born
of the union of sky and water
and earth is unbearable. Sometimes
it burns, it breaks, annihilates
and always it transforms.

But suppose you turn it upside down:
now the rain is settling down, now the
spark the light comes up through you
into the world, your reach a wide
embrace, as a tree, the power now
is yours to own and to wield. Use it,
direct it, let it illuminate the world,
let it not destroy you.

NaPo2020 Day 2

Each day’s prompt is a card from the Akashic Tarot. No cat pic today, geez, it’s almost midnight.

7 of Forces: Balance

What a surprise, this card
that has never fallen into my hand,
with its perfect geometries of circle
and rectangle, of octagons interlaced
like a rope, of glass and wood
and light through an open door.
Scrolls on one side of the desk,
a stack of flat papers on the other
and between, a balance scale
placed precisely in the center.
Make no mistake, this is
a lawyer’s office. But maybe
just this once, quiet studiousness
and careful attention to details
will work in your favor. It was after all
Jesuits in China who translated
Confucius into Latin. There is
a balance to things. The door is open.
Maybe this time, the lawyer
will be on your side and the scale
will weigh true and the forces
of earth, gravity, light, and mind
within and without, Divine and Other
all one, in perfect harmonious balance.

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