Margaret Atwood Signs My Kindle Case

by Rachel Creager Ireland

Isn’t Margaret Atwood awesome? She’s a brilliant writer, she’s written dozens of influential books, she’s been around for ages but she’s still hip, witty, relevant, and current with social media. When I was in college, The Handmaid’s Tale seemed to say everything that needed to be said on the religious right and their treatment of women. Twenty-five years later, The Year of the Flood has much new commentary to make. She brilliantly (sorry to use that word twice, I can’t help it) captures the language of preachers, the ways religious extremists think, and the ways in which women are both protected and manipulated by religious sects.

Oh Margaret, what more could you do for me? Talk to me about zombies in comparison to popular semi-humans of previous ages (werewolves, vampires, Frankenstein monsters, in historical order). Sign my Kindle case? Totally worth driving 96 miles with a dead credit card in my purse and the engine light blinking all the way. Margaret Atwood rocks!

Kindle Case Autographed By Margaret Atwood