Dangers Of A Snow Day

by Rachel Creager Ireland

It started so innocently, with the kids off school because of heavy snow. It went like this:

Me: I’m going to do some yoga.

Rowan (age 9): I want to do it with you! Can we do sunflower . . . something . . .

Me: Sun salutation. Yes. Start with your feet together . . .

[A while later]

Rowan: Oh, that was hard!

Me: Really? That was the easy version. I used to do the Power Yoga version, it’s a lot harder.

Rowan: Show me!

Me: Um, okay.

[The next day]

Rowan’s back in school today. Normal life returns, but with my muscles reminding me just how many of them get a work out from Power Yoga sun salutation. But oh man what was I thinking?????