Do You Hear That Low Rumbling Sound?

by Rachel Creager Ireland

I’ve posed this question a number of times, and for some reason it’s hard to get an answer. Most everyone goes straight to, “It’s your refrigerator, or highway traffic, or a distant train, or central air conditioner [which I don’t have]. No one simply answers the question, “yes, I do hear it,” or “no, I don’t hear it.”

I’ve concluded it’s a Myers-Briggs thing. You J and N types are so keen to explain a phenomenon, that whether you actually experience it is totally irrelevant. But I wonder what is the point of explaining something if it isn’t even real? I guess that’s really my question. Am I the only one who hears that? It’s not the computer, or the well pump, or the blood flow in my ears. If you hear it, and pay attention closely, you would know that. Do you hear it?

Finally my dear friend Christina Colombo told me about The Hum. This is a deep rumbling noise heard in locations around the world, but which so far hasn’t been explained adequately. Some places have spent substantial sums to identify it, but haven’t been able to put an end to it. Some people are bothered greatly, with physical symptoms such as nausea and ear pain. I find it isn’t terrifically bothersome; it bothers me more that I seem to be the only one who hears it. But, now I know that perhaps as few as 2% of people hear it at any given location. That’s reassuring. I’m not the only one who hears The Hum, just the only one I know who hears it.

Dr. Glen MacPherson believes The Hum is related to VLF and ELF transmitters. I don’t even know what those are. But I’m glad he’s doing the research. Now I can go to sleep, which is a relief. That wondering if anyone else hears that low rumbling was driving me as loony as Luna Lovegood, who was always my favorite Harry Potter character, and who happens to be an INFP like myself.