Red Cabbage

by Rachel Creager Ireland

What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve seen today? I cut the leaves off this red cabbage to make some cole slaw for the obligatory July 4th picnic tonight, and this intricate fractal loveliness is what I saw.

Whenever I have a red cabbage I remember once seeing my Mom cut one open and saying, “Isn’t that pretty? Sometime I’d like to draw a cabbage.” I don’t know that she ever did. That was before people had computers in their houses, much less pocket telephones with cameras built in. Fortunately we do have those now, as I did not inherit her exceptional ability to draw. Even if I had, it might not have been fast enough; by the time I’d finished making the slaw today, the core was beginning to yellow at the edges, its vitality dissipating. Now I have the magical phone camera, I can hope to capture some of the fleeting beauty that surrounds us every moment, whether we notice or not.

Happy Independence day, everyone. Let us all enjoy and appreciate the place we are right now, and remember to notice something beautiful.