One Lovely Blog Award

by Rachel Creager Ireland

It was almost exactly a year ago when Joy and Ruin, a blog I enjoy, informed me that I was being honored with the One Lovely Blog award. This is kind of funny, though. I was excited and wrote the following about it, and chose some people to pass the honor to, but when I wanted to copy the logo into my post, I had trouble doing it. I tried at least three different ways before deciding that I am technologically incompetent (okay, I already knew that) and setting it aside for another day. Busy season here at the Prairie Fire flames up (get it? heh heh) with Memorial Day weekend, and last year it didn’t subside until . . . well . . . then I got busy with the kids’ summer, then school started, then the holidays kicked in, and you know how it goes from there. So here it is, a year later, and Nikki Broadwell honored me with the Liebster award. Meanwhile, I’ve acquired the equipment and expertise to copy the logo. I think. (Yes, I know normal people don’t need a year to learn this kind of thing.) So I’m going to do this now, because I sometimes get kind of neurotic about clearing old stuff that probably everyone else has forgotten I didn’t do, and the trend has peaked, but it’s still kind of a nice way to encourage people to read blogs they might not have seen yet, which I think are worth reading. I’m just going with the post I wrote then, and then I’ll go into the second award:

Oh how exciting, I’ve been nominated by Joy and Ruin for the One Lovely Blog award! Well, considering that every nominee is asked to nominate ten other blogs, it’s more of a chain letter than an award, but still, I like to be liked. Who doesn’t? I’m a sucker for it.

To whom to pass the honor?

First to my mind is Arlynn Presser. She’s won other awards, but deserves them all. She decided to make a year-long project of meeting each of her three hundred-ish Facebook friends in person. It’s a nice idea, but when you find out that Arlynn suffers deeply from agoraphobia, then things start to get interesting. She traveled much of the year, flew overseas multiple times, went to New York, Alaska, California, and everywhere else from her home in a comfortable Chicago suburb. At year’s end, she had met 90% of her Facebook friends, and decided to continue the project, with a new focus on visiting and helping other people with agoraphobia. Arlynn is an amazing and beautiful person, as is her blog. Go read it.

Barbara Elka‘s photography is as striking for what you can’t see as for what it reveals. Rich textures and mysterious images make me want to look at things. Her photos of art make me hungry for art. [Note: Barbara appears not to be blogging here currently; the last post was in February. But the blog is still present, and beautiful.]

Mark Berkery‘s beautiful blog Nature’s Place features amazing macro photography, mostly of insects. You’ll never look at them the same way again.

Yo Mama, by Elizabeth Hall Magill, is on this list because the world still needs feminism, and people who are not afraid to call themselves feminists.

Randomly Yours, Alex writes wonderful reviews of science fiction. I always get excited to read more when I read this blog.

Of course there are other blogs I read and enjoy, which I appreciate for their insight, information, and generous helpfulness, and they all probably deserve more readers. Some of those you’ll find on my blogroll. These are the ones that grab me and inspire me and that I just have to tell you about today.

Thank you to all who read Veronica’s Garden.
And thank you to Joy and Ruin.

Hm. WordPress doesn’t seem to want me to copy an image from someone else’s page. Go figure. Also, I just noticed I’m supposed to say seven things about myself.

Let’s see. I recently started drinking coffee again; I have two poinsettias, one in pretty good shape, from last Christmas; I sleep on a waterbed; My cat’s name is Toulouse; I majored in Sociology, concentrating in Women’s Studies, in college; I never had a job in that field, though I applied for one once; my kindle cover is purple with an abstract circle/spiral kind of pattern.

I’ll do the other one tomorrow, okay?