Wasp As Totem, Another View

by Rachel Creager Ireland

Animal totems are personal, and the complexities of each creature can teach us and assist us in different ways. I’ve shared my experiences and thoughts on wasp totem, but today I have some thoughts from my friend Mitra Ghaboussi, a person of diverse talents, including but not limited to shamanic healing and counseling, writing, and visual art. I asked her what she thinks about wasp totem, and this is what she said:

The wasp is a warrior and stands for decisiveness in war and business. Wasp is in nature’s business in the products they generate such as paper and so on. Wasp is industriousness as it works to feed itself and its young. Wasp is about not taking on too much but allying with the balance in nature. Anger is part of wasps message. Healthy anger is important and being aware of all your feelings.

When working with animal totems, if possible, watch your totem in its habitat. Notice what behaviors stand out, and look for how they can be related to yourself and your life. The defensive proctectiveness of wasp I wrote about previously was important to me at one time; for another person, one or more of the traits Mitra notes may be more relevant.

What experiences have you had with wasp? What message has wasp brought to you?


I asked for a wasp to shoot for this post, but apparently they didn’t want to come out on this gusty day. Who could blame them? All I could get were some blurry attempts at a black-capped chickadee, and these mushrooms, who obligingly stayed still, in one place, long enough for me to get a nice, close shot. Thanks, ‘shrooms.