Snow Geese, Chen Caerulescens

by Rachel Creager Ireland

I saw another group of geese flying north today. (Here’s the photo I took last week.) I’d estimate there were about two hundred, though I wasn’t able to get a shot, as I was moving about 65 miles per hour, and there was a truck right behind me. Here’s a picture that looks similar to what I saw. I had thought that snow geese tend to fly more in an arc formation than the signature V shape of the Canada goose, though other photos of snow geese show them in very pointy Vs.

I’m going to go with these as snow geese, nonetheless. With the sun behind them, they reminded me of a shimmering ribbon, showing more white than I’d expect to see on Canada geese. The snow goose migration is reported to be trailing off in some places, but still well underway in the northern midwest, so these may have been stragglers, held up by the rain and wind of the last few days. They must be anxious to get to their summer home in the arctic, and get on with the business of breeding.

That’s all I have today. What signs do you see of the quickening of spring? Or, is it fall where you live? Take a moment to notice what’s happening with the earth wherever you are, and tell us about it.