A New Theme for Late Winter

by Rachel Creager Ireland

compost close-up 1

Ah, late winter. So many fail to appreciate its virtues. The skies are dreary, we are all weary of the heavy clothes we will shed with abandon in a few months. Spring seems yet far away.

But remember: the days are getting longer. The eye apprehends just so much more vital light each day, even through the clouds. The trees and perennials are itching to explode with green vitality, and, if anything, everyone is worried that they’ll do so prematurely.

compost close-up 2

What calls to a gardener in February? Why compost, of course. There hasn’t been a day this winter cold enough to hamper the fecundity of rot. Winter is not the time of death, but of slowing down, of sleep, of the occult. No life is visible on the surface, but within, there is activity; through living processes, molecules are rearranged into nutrients, preparation for the vernal explosion to come.

For weeks, Rachel has been struggling to update the theme of our blog. We won’t bore you with technical details or accounts of our difficulties. We’ll just show you some photos of compost, the magical crucible where the outdated and that which cannot sustain life are transformed into the matrix of new life.

Happy late winter, dear friends.