Post Rock Limestone Caryatids is now available for purchase!

by Rachel Creager Ireland

I uploaded it just before Christmas, and Bookbaby says they’ll deliver it to retailers in 2-4 days. It actually wasn’t until January 2 and 3, but I figured they were taking the holidays off and I thought they probably deserved it. After delivery, they estimate it will be available in 2-4 days for Amazon, anywhere from two to six weeks for everyone else. Amazon had it on their site within twelve hours, followed close behind by ebookpie, iBookstore, and kobo. Barnes and Noble doesn’t have it up as of now. (Yes, I have been repeatedly searching for my book on various sites. You would too.)

Four people have told me they have purchased it. If I knew how, I probably would have given it to them, as they are all friends. But, I haven’t figured that out yet. It’s sweet to know that I have four friends who would buy my novel, and so promptly. Thanks, guys, you know  who you are.

Here’s what the cover looks like. Yeah, I know, you can tell I did it myself, and I can think of a handful of ways off the top of my head that it could have been better. Next one maybe I’ll hire a professional.


Kevin took the photo, by the way.

Happy New Year, everyone.