Transit of Venus, Astrology, and the Integration of Masculine and Feminine

by Rachel Creager Ireland

So after I wrote yesterday on the transit of Venus, I got some housework done, and it reminded me of how writing helps me get other things done. It isn’t rational, but it often happens that way. So today I’m giving myself permission to study and write more about this event. It’s getting exciting. I can feel energy building and shifting in my body. Maybe I’ll clean the kitchen today before we go watch the transit at ESU.

Nick Anthony Fiorenza says, “An eclipse of this nature creates a relaxation and re-stimulation both in Earth’s energy grid and in our neurobiological resonance providing an opportunity to release the past and engage in a fresh start. Although occurring in the Taurus constellation and sidereal sign, which is somewhat stabilizing, it lies in one of a few tempestuous areas of Taurus, in this case produced by the nebulous Pleiades star asterism. The Pleiades and the conjoining stars of Perseus, in part, stimulate physical heroic action to seed new paths forward in our lives and to create infrastructures that support our fundamental nourishment and domestic wellbeing.” He also has lots of numerology, which I think you have to buy his book to read, but it has interesting observations on the orbit and rotation of Venus, and relative to those of Earth.

Others say that the conjunction of Venus and the Sun symbolizes a union of feminine and masculine, a major shift in consciousness from polarized thinking to desire for cooperation and integration.

Eric Francis likes to talk about politics. He suggests that the political hot-button issues regarding sexuality and reproduction are not merely distractions from the real, important issues such as the well-being of the earth, but that these issues are all symptoms of an essential rift in our collective consciousness, a deep inner conflict between the masculine and the feminine. Francis sees today’s event as an opportunity for the world to choose a new consciousness, one which re-empowers the feminine, which balances the masculine and feminine within and in relationships.

While several astrologers are talking about dwarf planets, or minor planets, or asteroids (just what are those things????), including Juno, Ixion, and Chaos, Francis notes that this conjunction is also exactly conjunct the (not visible today) asteroid Sulamitis, named for the female voice in the Biblical Song of Solomon. “The story has many twists and turns, but ultimately its theme is devotion and what it means to be in love, with a comment on how authentic balance between male and female energy feels. With this event happening in Gemini, the first place to seek and find that balance is inside ourselves. I could not think of a more beautiful visitor to stand guard over this rare event, at this vital opportunity for rebalancing our hearts, souls and our relationship to the Earth.”

Isn’t it time? Let’s all look at the sky today. How will the union of masculine and feminine manifest in your life?