by Rachel Creager Ireland

Girl Replanted, one of my favorite blogs, on Memorial Day and tomatoes.

GROW O'ahu

This Memorial Day weekend I will think of and honor my Grandfather, Paul LaVerne G. by harvesting, eating and caring for tomatoes.  Because that is what he did.

Like many young men in the early 1940’s my Grandpa Paul lied about his age so he could join the Army and fight for his country in WWII.  He did just that- becoming an expert marksman and spent long months in the Philippines, fighting to take back the islands from Japan.  He was a short, square and stout man, who in his 70’s, still routinely broke pliers and wire cutters with sheer strength of his hands. “Pfff. Junk,” he’d mutter.  He never talked about any of the war.  Though it was a sulphur bomb that made his skin turn a strange shade of purplish-blue, when as a little girl I asked why he was that color, he answered in his gruff voice…

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