Where Does the Time Go? I Mean, Really, Where Does It Go?

by Rachel Creager Ireland

Today something very strange happened to me. I lost time. I pick up my kid from school at 3:45. I was watching the time carefully, getting my younger one dressed to go out, giving us ten minutes to walk to school. Last time I looked at my watch, it said we had five minutes before we had to leave. By the time we were ready, I was sure we were leaving just on time. We walked at a normal speed. As we approached the school, I noticed that, strangely, there were no cars there. We couldn’t possibly be early, but how could we be so late that every last person was already gone? I’ve been late before, but never like that. It was eerily quiet in the school yard. I looked at my watch and saw that it was 4:00! Somehow I had lost a full fifteen minutes. Where did they go? Of course, my husband just said, “You have a hard time with that.” (This from the man whose secret motto is, “If no one’s waiting for me yet, I’m too early.” hrmph.)

I’m posting a poll. You tell me what happened to my fifteen minutes.