by Rachel Creager Ireland

Hello everyone, I’m Starla Winnie, Veronica has said I can come and write here. I’m a Winnie, we’re sorta nomadic, we travel mostly around the prairie, and we love music. Some of us are into bluegrass or old-time, some of us are into Irish, some early jazz or klezmer, but it’s all folk music, that’s music played on real instruments by real people, whoever. The Winnies have been my family for a while now, the only family I’ve ever really counted, and I would do anything for anyone of them.

Mostly I wanted to share this poem with you. I wrote it a long time ago, but why should Rachel have all the fun?

it’s shameful it’s
painful it’s
fucking beautiful
glass shards shining
screamingly reflecting
in the empty lot at

oh my mother
where did
you go
I was asleep
when you
left me