Gull Migration

by Rachel Creager Ireland

There are gulls who fly through here every spring and fall. I don’t know what kind of gull they are; I rarely see them land, and I never get a good enough look at them to identify them more specifically. Gress and Jantzen say that seventeen species of gulls have been spotted in Kansas; four are commonly seen on their migration: Franklin’s, Bonaparte’s, Ring-billed, and Herring. Some winter at reservoirs in the region, but we don’t have any reservoirs here. Otherwise, they must live someplace very far away, perhaps the Great Lakes or farther in summer; the Gulf of Mexico or farther in winter. They are exotic to the prairie, just passing through on their way to wherever they are going. When I find out who they are, I’ll tell you, dear readers, and until then I’ll simply note their presence, for the few days they are here, every spring and fall.